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Are your feet ready for summer? Let’s be honest, our feet are usually the most overlooked part of our body. They spend most of the year trapped in shoes and boots, and we tend not to give them too much thought. Until the summer. And that’s when we break out the sunglasses, break out our t-shirts and shorts, dust off our sandals and usually go… “Are my feet supposed to look like that?!” Don&rsquo READ MORE
Want to train with us but too busy with your day job? Relax! We’ve got the perfect solution… We know how busy life can be. We also know how day-to-day life can get in the way of your dreams and ambitions. Not with the LBTA. Read our new blog to find out how the flexible learning programmes we offer can fit around your lifestyle. As a flexible learning student you could attend the Academy at a time that’s right for you &nda READ MORE
To thread or not to thread? Eyebrow threading is an ancient Eastern technique that has caught on big-time in the West, but there are still a few people out there who haven’t discovered its benefits. If you’re one of them you’ll want to read our new blog, because it’s a bite-sized mine of useful information. We tell you what threading is, how it’s done, and why it is a much sleeker (and less pain READ MORE
Instagram Inspiration: Make-up artists you must follow If you’re training to be a professional make-up artist, the chances are that you dream of one-day creating looks for the top models and celebrities in the world. It’s important to dream big from the beginning of your career journey, and that means getting inspired by those already living your ideal life. Thanks to social media, it’s very simple to discover the tricks and ti READ MORE
Stay calm and relax! Why massage therapy is the answer Isn’t this a fantastic time of year? The post-Christmas doldrums are a long way behind us, we’ve just got through that tricky part at the beginning of Spring when it still feels a bit cold and gloomy. Now the sun is finally beginning to poke its head above the clouds, the flowers are starting to bloom, and every day is somehow feeling brighter and mor READ MORE
How to begin your own beauty business We are delighted to help our trainee beauticians develop skills that will last them a lifetime. Our passion is helping our students to launch their careers in the industry and evolve into the business people of the future. There are plenty of chances to do great things in the world of beauty, you just need to be smart, hard-working and ready to take the opportunities that come your way. And we&rsq READ MORE
Makeup apps that'll transform your look In the age of the selfie, there was no way that beauty wouldn’t become digitalised in some way. These days, trying out a whole new look doesn’t have to involve a visit to the Mac counter, or a trip to Benefit’s beauty bar. Instead, there is a range of apps out there to give you access to all manner of makeover options – whether it’s creating a celeb look, or finding o READ MORE
Kitchen beauty - nature's answer! Some of us are never going to surrender our Boots card, and swear by the brand name beauty products that populate their shelves.   However, there is a natural alternative to most beauty treatments, and you can often find them in your own kitchen. We’ve gone looking for some top tips to share with you so that whether you like to go green with your routine, or you could do with an emerg READ MORE
Getting your career goals in focus Choosing the right job is a tricky business – and a decision that’s going to shape a big part of your life. Here at the London Beauty Training Academy we’re looking for students who are full of passion and creativity, and ready to develop the skills that are going to last them a lifetime. First things first, check out our learners page when explains the different pathways we offe READ MORE