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In 2019, there is still many wonderful reasons to pursue a career in the beauty industry. If you’ve always been the one to voluntarily fix your friend’s makeup before a party or giving them advice on skincare or beauty products, then beauty might just be the right career for you. With the industry still growing day by day, there’s no reason not to pursue a career in the are of work you love and are passionate about! Having a career in an area that you love can easily support to find joy and fulfilment in your life. Ever heard of the saying “do something that you love and never have to work a day in your life”? It really is true. At the London Beauty Training Academy, our aim is to fully support anyone with a passion for Beauty to pursue in the industry they love. To secure a place at one of our open days at Chiswick Academy click here, or here for Borehamwood. Below we have chosen four incredible reasons to consider a career in the beauty industry:


One of the large benefits of a career in the beauty industry is the vast variety of work. The world of beauty is constantly evolving with brand new trends, products and treatments becoming available constantly. This means you can explore and learn about different new beauty trends constantly and become more experienced every day, which can benefit yourself and others. This doesn’t mean you can’t start your own trends in beauty too! There are no boundaries to your creativity in beauty, which is a great enough reason to innovate your ideas, make an impact in the industry and become extremely successful with your ideas. If you wish to see what we think will be the biggest beauty trends of 2019, click here (add link when other blog post published). Without evolution, beauty is a widely varied job as all different kinds of people have different needs. We highly doubt boring days at work will be common in the beauty industry!


A career in beauty is all about the people and providing them with the most satisfaction as possible. Providing great service and services to customers can make a huge impact on their lives and hugely boost your confidence. An example of this is if one of your clients was insecure about the condition of their skin and you gave them a working treatment. Now they have much more self-confidence every day and do not give a second thought about the condition of their skin. To find out why self-confidence is so important and the benefits, click here to read this article by Livestrong. Making a huge impact on someone’s life like this can build great relationships with your clients and can help you to expand to help many more people. If you are good at what you do, you are a people person and can easily connect with people, you definitely have great potential to become successful in the beauty industry.

Work for Yourself

If you pursue a career in beauty, it’s a brilliant opportunity to become your own entrepreneur and start your own business in the are you love. Starting your own business in beauty is an excellent idea because it allows you to specialise in the areas of Beauty you are stronger in and grow your business to be the best of its ability. There are so many open doors when starting a business in beauty, whether it’s opening a salon, becoming a mobile beautician or even working from home! There will always be an option that is right for you. Starting your own business also has so many benefits such as having flexible hours and being able to choose your style of work. HR in Asia have created a Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Self Employment article which can be accessed by clicking here. With high-quality qualifications and offering great services, the services you offer will always be in demand with the growing industry. If you wish to achieve the qualifications to pursue a career in the Beauty industry, then you should consider taking one of our Beauty Therapy courses at London Beauty Training Academy. We offer both a level 1 and level 2 VTCT Diploma in Beauty Therapy Studies. To view our level 1 course, click here or for our level 2 course, click here.

Job Security

The thriving beauty industry in the UK is huge, continually growing and experts strongly believe that the industry will continue to grow more and more Despite shortages of money in the UK in recent years, people have still managed to budget to afford beauty products and treatments. It is not just private customers keeping the beauty industry growing either. TV and film production companies will always require therapists and makeup artists for film and TV. If you would like to explore the possibility of a career in beauty for TV and film production companies, then check out our VTCT Level 3 Award in media makeup by clicking here. The huge demand in beauty therapy would provide you with high job security if you choose to pursue a career in the Beauty industry. If you an employee or self-employed, the huge demand will keep you in employment and successful.

What is my first step to starting a career in the beauty industry?

At the London Beauty Training Academy, we offer an extensive range of 9 full beauty courses and 26 short courses to kickstart your career in beauty. We promise nothing but high-quality training for each and every one of our students and all of our tutors are highly qualified and experienced beauty therapists and support all LBTA students to achieve the highest standards. Between January and June, we are hosting 6 different open days at both our Chiswick and Borehamwood Academy’s. To book a place at one of our open days at Chiswick click here, or for Borehamwood here.

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