A career in the make up industry is something that many dreams of but over time let things get in the way and can find themselves working a job that they may not be enjoyable. Switching career and training towards another is easier than many people think. There are flexible studying hours for those who may have financial or family commitments. We have many learners who come to us looking for a change in their career and do not look back once fully qualified. Working in a career that we have an active interest in and also motivation in is extremely important. This not only helps our mental state but also means we are more positive and productive whilst at work.

This post is here to give you some information on the makeup courses that we offer and give you an insight into some of the tasks and training that is provided if you were to go ahead with a course from Learning Curve’s Hair & Beauty Academy. It can be daunting changing career but the team at our Academy are here to help this transition as easy and stress-free as possible whilst also making the courses fun, friendly and high quality.

What can you expect when working in the Make Up Industry?

Working in the makeup and beauty industry is great for those who enjoy interacting with a range of people on a daily basis. There are always new trends within the industry and it is an exciting one to work in. One of the main things that appeal to people about the industry is the amount of creativity that is involved in makeup. Whilst you will need to make sure it falls in line with the look that the customer is after you can also use your skills to show them some different techniques and styles that they may not be aware of.

Another key thing about working in the make up industry is the impact that artists are able to have on the customer’s mental state and confidence. Making people look and feel their best is one of the main jobs for makeup artists – it can be an extremely rewarding career with the chance to make a real difference to someone’s self-confidence.

What are the Make Up Courses that we offer for Beginners?

The makeup course that we offer at Learning Curve Hair & Beauty Academy is the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Makeup Artistry – This is a great course that will give learners all of the skills needed to acquire their first job in the industry. Some of the things covered in the course are the application of makeup, application of fashion and photography makeup, face and body art and a range of other exciting techniques. Upon the completion of your make up course, there are many different career paths that can be taken. There is a range of exciting industries such as film and tv, bridal makeup, commercial and photo shoots just to name a few.

Being a beauty college we have a range of courses in addition to our make up course – One of our most popular courses is the beauty therapist course. This is designed to give the learner all of the skills that they need to walk into a busy London based salon and be offered a job. It covers everything from massage techniques, hair removal right the way to different facial techniques. You can check out the entire range of Beauty Courses we have in London by heading to the link provided. We recommend that you speak with a member of the Learning Curve Hair & Beauty team to understand a bit more about your chosen course so that you can ensure you are making the right decision before making any commitments.

Where are our Academies?

We have a range of academies across London and are pleased to work with some great tutors and learners. When choosing a beauty academy for your make up course it is important to make sure the academy has all of the facilities that you need. All of our academies have the latest equipment so that learners are fully exposed to the range of tools and equipment they will likely see once a fully employed make up artist.

We have two academies in London, one located in Borehamwood and the other located in Chiswick – Both of these locations have a dedicated studying room which allows our tutors to teach learners not only the practical aspect of makeup artistry but also the technical and knowledge-based aspects. It is important to make sure that you are ready for the commute to and from your courses – Making sure that you are motivated towards the course for its duration is key. We recommend all potential learners to head down to their nearest academy and check it out – We have regular open days where you can ask tutors questions and also meet like-minded people.

What do our Learners have to say

We take pride in the courses we offer and go above and beyond with all learners to make sure that they finish their chosen course ready for a job in the beauty industry. Our learners give us the motivation to better the already high-quality courses and to continue to push and develop as a training provider.

We recently had a great review from Alisha, she left us the following testimonial

I was immediately impressed with my tutor’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional approach when I first meet her, she consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more throughout my course. The Learning Curve Hair & Beauty Academy has given me the confidence to apply to join a high-profile brand name city Spa where I now work as a full-time beauty therapist

Head on down to an upcoming Open Day

As mentioned above one of the things that we really advise on is for potential learners to meet and interact with other learners going through the same courses. We have a range of Make Up Open Days in London – this allows potential students to get a feel for what we are about at Learning Curve’s Hair & Beauty Academy and also understand a bit more detail about the makeup courses that are offered.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone who will be able to advise your choice in course; then please get in touch with a member of the team and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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