What are the qualities all successful beauty therapists share?

Beauty therapy isn’t a job, it’s a vocation. And, like all vocations, we’re drawn to it because it’s already a part of us, something we know deep down we’re really meant to do. Of course, that’s not always necessarily the case. Sometimes we just have the feeling that what we’re doing with our lives right now isn’t making us happy, but it can take a bit of trial and error before we realise that beauty therapy is the career we’ve been looking for all along. And yet, whether by design or by accident, the result is still the same. As beauty therapists, we love adding value to our clients’ lives and making them feel good about themselves. Few other careers can give that sense of satisfaction, and once you begin the beauty therapy journey it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to stop.

But what are the qualities that make a successful beauty therapist? Here are our top four, in no particular order!

Passion and Creativity

Do you find yourself reading the beauty news and keeping up with beauty trends even when you’re supposed to be relaxing? Do you meet people and secretly think you know a great technique for making them look better, whether it’s enhancing their skin or their make-up or how just a little adjustment here and there could transform their appearance if they’d only give you a few minutes to work your magic? Do you have colour and style perception, and endless creativity? If you can see the possibilities for enhancing beauty everywhere you look that’s a very good sign, because a successful beauty professional tends not to have an off-switch!



Very few industries change as fast as the beauty industry. There are always more techniques and technologies to learn, and even if you only choose to specialise in one or two of them it’s important to stay on top of new developments. If you’re focused on constantly developing your skills and not getting mired down by the same old-same old, being a beauty therapist will reward your flexibility and adventurousness. And talking of flexibility…



Beauty therapy is hard work and you’re going to spend a lot of hours standing on your feet, exercising your muscles, and keeping a smile on your face so that it all looks effortless. The hours are long and there’s much more energy involved than many people realise, but if you can stand the pace then your future as a beauty therapist is looking bright.


Customer Service Excellence

If you’re not a people person, you’re probably not even reading this blog! But, just for the record, excellent customer service skills, a pleasant can-do personality, and the ability to be a good listener are all vitally important if you’re going to have a successful beauty therapy career. And, while we’re on this subject, first-rate grooming habits are vital too. If you look good and feel confident, your clients will already be assured they’re in safe hands.If you’ve got all these qualities, and if you’re not a beauty therapist already, you’ll fit in perfectly at the LBTA. Why not get in touch and find out more? We’d love to meet you!

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