As a beauty therapist, make-up artist or nail technician, this has probably been one of the busiest times of your year. But while you’ve been keeping your clients looking and feeling festive and fabulous, have you been giving your own self-care the same level of attention? There’s a lot of truth to that ancient old saying, “Physician, heal thyself” because, in our profession, we often forget to take our own advice! With that in mind, here are our top tips to help you work hard, play hard, and enjoy 2019 with renewed energy and confidence!

Stay mindful

People outside our profession may not believe this, but the work we do makes incredible demands on our body. Just standing on our feet all day long can be tiring, so factor in the muscular repetitiveness of applying treatments, nails or make-up as well as the focus and concentration it takes to work physically and mentally with our clients hour-after-hour and it’s no wonder we often feel so exhausted. One of the best ways to help combat this exhaustion is to always remember to keep good posture and be mindful of your technique when you’re undertaking particular treatments. Also, are your tools and oils etc. always within convenient reach or are you unnecessarily overworking your body by making regular repetitive movements to reach them? Are the tables, beds or chairs you work at the right height?  Start the new year by being mindful of the effect your workspace has on your body and make any adjustments that are necessary. You’ll be surprised how big a difference you’ll feel.

Take a break

It’s tempting to keep momentum going by moving from one appointment to the next without taking time out in-between but, over the course of a few hours, days or weeks, that’s going to take a tremendous toll on your body and mental health. If you’re going to give your best to your clients, you must begin by giving your best to You. That means taking at least five minutes after each appointment to re-focus your mind and give your arms, wrists and hands a small rest. In the great scheme of things, five minutes every hour or so isn’t a huge amount of time but it will reduce stress and help to lessen the physical pressure. Make it a habit and the benefits you’ll gain (and your clients will experience) are immense.

Start moving

Taking some regular exercise every day, even if it’s just a brisk walk followed by some gentle stretching, will help to keep your energy levels high, reduce aches and strains, and restore the balance between your body and mind. Doing some light weights will be a big benefit too, as will working on your core strength to assist posture. And why not take a weekend yoga or meditation class to really let go of the pressure of the past seven days? Even if you’re not a big fan of exercise, it’s worth putting the time and sweat in… you might even start to enjoy it! Oh, and make drinking more water your first new year’s resolution because we bet you’re probably not drinking enough! (although if you are… well done and keep it going!)

Get some rest

Taking a well-earned rest at the end of each working day is hugely important, and that doesn’t just mean getting to bed early enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Avoid activities that work the same muscles you’ve been using during the day and take some time to relax your back and feet. It might sound cringey and old-fashioned, but there’s also a lot to be said for a warm bath or shower and a good book before bedtime! And, whatever you do, stop checking your phone at least an hour before you intend to go to sleep, and try to avoid keeping electronics in the bedroom.

If you can apply these four small pieces of advice to your daily routine, you’ll be amazed by how good you’ll feel throughout the new year. But, for now, have a fabulous and fun rest of the holiday! See you in 2019!

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