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Throughout your programme here at the LBTA it is expected for you to find your own models. It is your responsibility to take ownership of your own training. Although we will when possible, try to supply you with clients.

How can I model hunt?
The most common and easiest form of model hunting is contacting friends and family. By explaining the importance of providing models for your own training will encourage them also to spread the word on your behalf.

Social media is a fantastic way of networking free of charge. The most common network sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also advertise on Gumtree free of charge. Ensure you do not give out any personal details of yourself apart from your contact number if you wish to do so. If not provide your academies contact details.

Failing all of the above the best place to model hunt is on the street in local businesses, restaurants, chip shops, colleges or just a passer-by, the list is endless.    

It is advised to go out in pairs or groups of three, as any bigger can be extremely intimidating for a potential model.

Be confident in what you are offering, be proud of where you train and excited that you are able to offer your services free of charge (or at a small cost to cover colouring services.)

Make sure you are well prepared when on the hunt! It is advised you wear your uniform as this confirms where you train and looks more professional. Make sure you also have a pen and an appointment card on you to write your models appointment time and date on. Remember to take down your client’s telephone number and give them yours or the academy’s in case of any problems that may arise.

Ensure you analyse your models behaviour before your approach them. Are they in a rush? Are they on the phone? Do they have earphones in? If the situation seems awkward then they potentially may not be as willing to stop and talk to you.

Once you have established a potential model that seems approachable go over and introduce yourself, Hello there my name is **** and I train at LBTA, I was wondering if you would be interested in having a fantastic free manicure/massage/make-up application with me? If your model seems interested go on to explain… I am observed throughout the whole service by fantastic beauty assessors and you will only be charged a small fee for the cost of the products used.

If your client accepts your invitation then negotiate a time that is suitable for you both take various relevant details give them yours and remember to thank them for their time and that you will look forward to seeing them.
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