It’s been a particularly long, cold winter this year, and every travel advert with a gorgeous beach and sunny landscape has had us thinking of where else we’d rather be. We bet you’ve also been dreaming of better weather, new adventures and exploring other parts of the world. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a dream. Once you’ve got your LBTA qualification, there’s nothing stopping you from packing your bags and taking your beauty therapist ambitions (almost) anywhere you choose! How many other training academies can promise that?

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Saudi Arabia have a constant demand for Beauty professionals, which is great if you want to do some serious travelling. Or maybe you’d prefer a shorter-term break somewhere in Europe, possibly working at a mountain spa or a fashionable ski resort? Places like the US, Canada and South Africa can be trickier because of employment restrictions, but don’t forget you could always work on a cruise ship and see those countries ‘up close and personal’ when you sail into port! Working onboard a cruise ship means you won’t only get to see the world (and sample loads of fabulous destinations), you’ll also be pampering an extraordinarily varied clientele and expanding your network in ways you’d never have been able to do if you’d stayed at home.

It’s hard work – your new employer won’t only expect you to be an excellent beauty therapist, you’ll also have to get involved with ‘satellite tasks’ like welcoming guests and helping out with additional duties. Your work day will be longer too. But most locations will provide you with free accommodation (usually a shared cabin on a cruise ship or a shared room / apartment in a resort or chalet) plus meals while you’re on duty, and you’ll probably also have access to all the complimentary facilities (like the gym, sauna and swimming pool) which is an added bonus.

But what are the downsides of working abroad?

If you’re looking at a long-term option, some overseas employers may expect you to give at least two years’ service and sometimes you won’t be able to visit home until you’ve completed your first twelve months. Also, be prepared to miss seeing your friends and family and get used to hearing about events that will make you feel homesick (especially occasions like weddings and christenings… there’s nothing like a party to make you wish you were still at home!) But, most importantly, before you sign on the dotted line with your new employer you should be certain of your visa conditions and your rights as a foreign worker, because international rules and regulations are often very different from the UK. Don’t forget to travel light (wherever you go, you’re not going to have much space) and always keep some money in reserve for emergencies.

It might sound like a lot to consider but stop feeling daunted and think about the once-in-a-lifetime adventure that lies ahead! You’ll be experiencing different places, people and cultures, making lots of new friends and colleagues (who knows where those opportunities might lead?) and gaining plenty of invaluable knowledge and experience… all thanks to the skills you learned at the LBTA!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to dust off that suitcase!

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