Give your beauty routine a spring clean!

Let’s not talk too loudly in case we jinx it, but it finally looks as if Spring has arrived. The days are getting brighter, people are walking along the street with actual smiles on their faces (well, some of them are anyway) and we’re certain we saw the sun at the weekend… or maybe it was a UFO? One thing’s for sure – the winter’s over for another year and this is a great time to spring clean your beauty routine in time for the warmer weather (and, by beauty routine, we mean all the things that let your beauty routine happen… you know… the day-to-day stuff we all take for granted.) Stuff like…

Clean your makeup brushes!

We’ve talked about this in an earlier blog but it’s always worth repeating – the dirt and cosmetic residue that builds up on your make-up brushes isn’t good for either you or your skin. So, get in the habit of washing and drying your make-up brushes regularly (at least once a week if you’re using them every day) and organise your dressing table / make-up space so that there’s a clear area for your cleansing solutions, face wipes and brushes. You’re less likely to forget to clean them if you have a special space set aside.
Which brings us to spring cleaning tip No.2…

Get organised!

How many of your beauty products are out-of-date? Old make-up and skin care products can often do more harm than good so don’t risk a break-out or bacterial infection by continuing to use them past their expiration date. As a rule, you should replace mascara after three months, concealer after six months, and say a fond ‘sayonara!’ to lipstick and foundation that’s a year old.

Now that you’ve got rid of those, take a look at what’s left. Is there anything here you never use? If yes, get rid of it (or, if it’s unopened and still safely usable, donate it to a good home.) Once that’s done, you can start reorganising your make-up drawer / area so that everything’s fresh and exactly where you want it. There’s something really satisfying about switching things around and maybe even investing in some new jars or organisers to keep it all looking pretty as well as tidy.

Here comes the sun… there goes the sunscreen!

Well, your old winter sunscreen anyway. Spring is a great excuse to try a new SPF, and with the days hopefully becoming longer, warmer and brighter it’s a good idea to up your SPF and make sure you’re protected for the better weather. The same philosophy goes for your daily moisturiser. If you’ve been wearing a winter moisturiser this is the time to retire it for something lighter and less rich.

Think about colour

Are you one of those people whose colour palette tends to change according to the seasons? A lot of us are and after the long winter we’ve had we’ve probably forgotten that bright colours are even available. So, if you’ve glanced in the mirror and realised that you wouldn’t look out of place in ‘The Craft’ (excuse the reference but we love old-skool movies) then Spring is a fantastic excuse to rethink your style and maybe even discover a shade you’ve never dared to try. Let’s face it, this is the season for new beauty and fresh energy to brighten up the world so why shouldn’t that extend to your make-up choices too?

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