Working in a salon or spa is great, but if you’ve got a spirit of adventure and a serious can-do attitude why not think about taking your beauty skills on the road? In an increasingly busy world, more and more people are finding they simply don’t have time to leave their home or office for an hour or two of pampering, but if you can come to them and fit your talents around their lifestyle, it’s often a therapist/client match made in heaven.

Besides which, setting yourself up as a mobile beauty therapist could be fantastic for your work/life balance too. It means you’re not answerable to anybody except your clients, you can pick and choose the clients you want, and you only have to work the hours that suit you. You’ve got to be motivated to succeed and prepared for the times when business is slow (especially when you’re starting out) but there’s no better way to stay in control of your beauty therapy dream!

What services should you offer?

It’s entirely up to you – depending on your LBTA qualification of course! You could offer your clients a whole range of treatments and effectively become your own mobile salon, or you could specialise in one particular form of treatment and concentrate on developing a reputation as an expert in your field. We suggest finding out what other mobile therapists in your area are offering, doing a bit of research into what your preferred client base are looking for and not finding, and then setting yourself up to fill that gap in the market.

Get Ready…

What are you going to call your business? What’s your business logo going to look like? What services are you offering and how are you going to advertise? This can all feel like the fun part of setting up your business – and it is – but it also takes a lot of serious thought. Remember that everything you do to draw customers to your business (like your website, social media, business cards, pamphlets or newspaper advertising) is the first impression most people will get of you, so make it a good one and make it memorable for all the right reasons. Just as importantly, think hard about what will appeal to the kind of clients you’re aiming for.

You might want to hire a local designer or copywriter to make everything you do look and read as professionally as possible. It’s an extra expense but it will be worth it in the end, and it might not be as pricey as you’d think.

Get Set…

You can’t be a mobile beauty therapist without having a vehicle to get mobile in, so you’ll need something with four wheels and an engine that’s a) reliable (because you don’t want to break down on your way to appointments) and b) big enough to safely transport all your equipment (even if you’re starting out small, you’ll be surprised by how many essential items you’ll be ferrying around). Choose your equipment carefully and make sure you’ve got a few extra lotions and potions etc. on standby just in case of emergencies. Also, always keep everything neatly together so that nothing goes missing en-route to your client – how embarrassing would it be to set up in their house and then discover your files, clippers and waxes are still sitting in your front room?

Very importantly, make sure before you get on the road that your car insurance covers you for business usage.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy a diary so you can keep track of all your appointments!

Put on the brakes! Here’s the most crucial advice of all…
Before you meet your first client, before you even load your equipment into your car, make sure you’re properly insured. Don’t think this is a detail you can sidestep until you’ve established yourself and you’re sure some money’s coming in because you can’t. It’s a legal requirement, and it’s there to protect you, your business and your customers if anything goes wrong. Shop around for the best deals in public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and product liability insurance and always remember to keep those insurances up-to-date.

…and GO!

You’ve done all the hard work, now get out there and make your dream happen. We know you can do it because you’ve trained with us and we’ve seen what you can do! Also, don’t forget that you’re not alone. A lot of beauty therapists have done this before you, they’ve all felt the butterflies you’re feeling when they started out, and a huge number of them have made big successes out of going mobile. Why not join a local business networking group to get some support and make a few useful contacts? Whatever you do, if you work hard, stay passionate, and make sure you leave enough room in your schedule to relax and have fun, becoming a mobile beauty therapist could be the biggest and best road trip of your life!

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