Finding the right job for you can be a tricky business. We all want to do something that inspires our creativity, uses our skills and makes us happy. So if you’re wondering whether training to be a beauty therapist is a good move for you, here’s a look at what a wonderful career it can be.

Practice makes perfect
Part of the fun of learning your role as a beauty therapist is that you’ll get to practice those style skills on your nearest and dearest. That means that as you learn the ropes, your friends and family are going to be looking every shade of awesome. Whether you’re kitting them out with perfect brows, nail art to die for or glowing skin thanks to ‘facial Fridays’, it’s going to be so much fun honing your own skills while also bringing beauty to their world.

There are no limits
Once you’ve mastered your beauty skills, you are going to have the freedom to work wherever you want. The great thing about manicures, waxing and massages is that you can do them almost anywhere. So whether you plan to work from your front room or across the other side of the world, you have the freedom to do it. Your qualifications will set you up to take advantage of all the fantastic opportunities out there, both near and far.

Build a legacy
Many beauty therapists start off working for other people, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. With the right ambition and if you’re willing to get your commercial brain in gear, this is a great industry to set up your own business in. It doesn’t have to involve costly premises or employing staff straight away. With clever marketing and social media savvy, you can start small in your own home and end up running a string of salons. This versatility is great for therapists who have families to consider and don’t want to work 9-5 every weekday. Use a bit of creative thinking and you can make this job work for you.

Go places
It’s not just the beauty industry which relies on talented therapists to work their magic on clients. The most obvious place to take those skills are into the fashion industry or work in film and television. Models, actors and celebrities have teams of professionals to help create their signature looks, and their work takes those people all over the world. It’s a dynamic and demanding type of work, but incredibly exciting. Who doesn’t want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, and know that their red carpet glow is down to you?

Bring joy
Whether you’re working with Kim Kardashian or Jennifer from two roads down, the awesome thing about being in our business is that you make people happy. In a world that drags us all down with stress and day-to-day worries, the simple joy of a great pedicure, a relaxing massage or facial, or having a perfect French polish can be a real tonic. You’re hard work isn’t just rewarded in cash, it’s repaid by seeing your clients emotionally lifted up by the treatments you do for them. Their happiness will make you feel amazing.

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