On extremely rare occasions, clients will confuse your role as a beauty therapist with the role of a doctor or general healthcare professional. You’ll always know when that happens because, before you realise it, they’ll be stopping you mid-treatment to ask your advice about nagging problems that are closer to medical issues than anything you’ve been trained to deal with.

Of course, whenever that situation arises you should make it clear that this is outside your area of expertise and they should always book an appointment with their GP if the issue is really bothering them. But, if they’re seeking some general health guidance, it’s always good to have some ‘how to feel great on the inside’ wisdom ready. After all, the better you feel within yourself, the better (and more confident) you’re going to feel and look on the outside of yourself! With that in mind, here are a few top tips you can pass on to your clients that are tried and true!

Exercise is key

The very best way to feel happy and healthy is to get your body moving, but if exercise isn’t something your client enjoys then it’s going to be hard to convince them to pull on those sneakers and go for a mid-morning workout! So let’s approach it another way. Reassure them that exercise doesn’t have to be hard work and if they can fit in just a few moments of walking or stretching during the day the sense of accomplishment and endorphin buzz they’ll feel afterwards will be more than worth the effort. Oh, and don’t forget to include movie star Chris Pratt’s advice… it’s all in your mindset! After a lifetime of partying, eating badly and storing up unwanted weight, the Jurassic Park took six months out to exercise and get healthy again. He told a reporter:

“Six months seems like a long time unless you’re looking backwards but all you have to do is just a few things every day and remain consistent, and time will fly just as fast as it flies if you’re working hard or not. If you just cut the bad stuff out of your diet and spend a little while each day doing something physical that will make you sweat, six months will pass by and before you know it you’ll feel so much better mentally, physically and spiritually. It really is all tied together.”

With star-studded advice like that, how could your clients resist giving exercise a try – and thanking you for it when they’re experiencing the results!

Eat more healthily

Just like some people think if they go to a personal trainer once a month they’re doing all they need to do to stay fit, some clients will think that if they come to you for a treatment their skin will stay glowing and their bodies will stay toxin-free until their next visit. But, as you and I know, it doesn’t work like that. Putting the right fuel inside our bodies is key to staying fit, happy and healthy.

And, while we’re on the subject of happy, here’s an interesting fact your clients may not be aware of: serotonin is the chemical that makes us feel happy and ninety percent of serotonin is manufactured inside our stomach. Apart from all the other important benefits of good nutrition, that’s another reason why we should stay very mindful of what we’re putting in our system and refrain from eating or drinking anything that will negatively affect how our metabolism works. Switching into a healthier diet and eliminating carbs, sugars and processed foods etc. may seem like a chore but, just like starting exercise, it won’t take long to feel the benefits.

Drink plenty of water

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but how many of us actually do it? We grab our coffee at the start of the day and then, before we know it, eight hours has flown past and not a drop of the health-giving clear stuff has passed our lips. So, it’s time to change that behaviour. Always keep a bottle of water close by and get into the habit of sipping it regularly throughout the day. Water boosts skin health, helps to flush out toxins, lubricates the joints, keeps our digestive system working properly, aids weight loss, enhances mental and physical performance and… well… the list goes on. Also, if your client is really worried about anything to do with their health, recommending they increase their intake to at least the recommended 1.9 litres / six-to-eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day will always be a good idea… and don’t forget to mention that drinking water before a meal will make them feel fuller, which means they’ll be far less likely to gobble down more food than they need!

Take time to relax

How much ‘me’ time does your client really enjoy? Sometimes, a visit to your salon or spa might be the only opportunity they’ll get to truly relax and feel pampered. That’s why, if they’re worried about their general health, it’s always good to remind them that taking time to relax isn’t a luxury, it’s something we all need to do every day. Just like the right food, water and exercise, our mental and physical wellbeing depends upon it.

So many niggling health worries are caused by stress and anxiety so, while your client’s waiting for that GP appointment you’ve recommended, suggest that anything from a few minutes of gentle yoga before breakfast to enjoying a hot bath, some favourite music and a chapter of a good book before bed all qualify as ways to relax – and they should start doing something to relax right away! Meditation is fantastic too and, just like exercise, it doesn’t take long to feel the benefits.

In many ways, this all sounds like standard common-sense advice but it’s easy to forget when you’re feeling under the weather. So, the next time a client tries to run their symptoms past you, use these suggestions as a simple checklist to help put their mind at rest and give them some alternatives to think about. After all, sometimes all it takes to feel a lot better about everything is knowing that someone you trust heard what you have to say.

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