Every upcoming season is an opportunity for beauty trends to change and evolve, which shifts the beauty and fashion industry. Fashion week is an opportunity for the biggest players in the business to come together and be adventurous with new products, techniques and colours for all things beauty. 

For Summer 2019 beauty trends, the season has brought us everything from rose gold cheeks to barefaced looks. There are plenty of looks which are incoming for Summer 2019 to get everyone excited about. The Learning Curve Group Hair & Beauty Academy is here to help you uncover the very best beauty looks straight from the catwalk to inspire you to create your own brand new beauty look for this upcoming Summer season.

If you are interested in learning everything to do with the beauty industry please speak to one of the team members at the academy today. Please get in contact or could come down to one of our Beauty Open Days to find out even more information about our courses.

Bushy Brows

Bushy Brows 

We all over plucked at our eyebrows at some stage when we were younger and we all learnt our lesson from doing so. Natural eyebrows are most certainly an upcoming trend in the beauty world. While tweezers still should not be used, it is not to say that eyebrows are not groomed. 

During a lot of catwalks in 2019 the bigger the brows the better. Models’ eyebrows are usually pushed up for catwalks as they open up the models’ eyes making them a statement feature for the whole beauty look.

Naked Skin 

Beautiful skin is a timeless style. This season has been all about glowing, healthy and natural skin. Makeup artists have drawn themselves away from using foundation as a product and have kept their models’ skin foundation free. Instead, makeup artists have been adding a touch of concealer or some primer only on the spots but only where it is absolutely necessary.

If you hate the feeling of a heavy foundation on your skin or the feeling of foundation coming off your face as the day goes by, you will most certainly enjoy this lightweight makeup look and will get the opportunity to show off your natural beauty. Makeup artists understand that a great skincare routine is imperative and it is important to keep pores unclogged to prevent breakouts, this new foundation free look will help with this. 

Glowing From The Inside

Summer 2019 is all about that healthy, shiny skin which once again shows the natural beauty of the face. This season, powdered highlights were used a lot less and liquid or cream highlighter replaced them for a more natural and lighter look. This product was used mostly on cheekbones and foreheads to frame the face and to give a natural glow to the skin.

Kissed By The Sun

Kissed By The Sun  

Bronzer is back, but it has been reinvented in a new and unique way. Previously contouring was a big trend in the makeup world, in which makeup artist would place bronzer below cheekbones to sculpt the models’ face and features.

This season bronzer has been placed on the models’ cheekbones for a more chiselled effect. This look allows the face to look slightly tanned and sun-kissed. This look has also seen bronzer as the replacement for blush and has been paired with a peachy eyeshadow and a hint of highlighter. 

Nail Art

Whilst it is easy to just apply a nude base to nails, the new trend for Summer 2019 is to embrace nail art and the more outrageous the better. New York Fashion week is where this trend started, showcasing some of the most extravagant nail styles the runway has ever seen. 

Long Lashes

Luscious long lashes are a trend that will never go out of style, many stylists have been showing off their models with mascara-heavy looks or with fluttering eyelash extensions which are gorgeous and look very natural. 

Messy, clumpy and thick mascara was showcased on many models’ on the runway such a Twiggy who has this style on her upper and lower lashes. This usually eliminates the need for eyeliner as the mascara frames the eye on its own without any added product. 

Bold Lips 

On the Summer catwalks of 2019, the red bold lip came back into fashion. Red lips paired with fresh skin and clumpy mascara gave models a bold and striking look for the runway. Red lipstick has been around for years to highlight celebrities pearly whites and to brighten up the face in general too. This look originated from Paris Fashion week and has now landed in the United Kingdom’s beauty industry.


Freckles are a beautiful and natural look which is usually enhanced by sunlight. Freckles were widely celebrated in many fashion shows this year. Models without freckles were usually given faux freckles by makeup artists, by simply flicking a makeup brush at the skin in a random pattern to make the freckles look natural on top of fresh skin. 


Glitter adds a texture, playfulness and joy to a makeup look. You can experiment with different colours such as pinks, silvers and golds which is to be applied in the inner corner of the eye and above the crease before being extended out to the rest of the eye. This look is usually paired with a natural and clean face allowing the glitter to stand out which will then create a bold and stylish look. 

Royal Rose Gold

Rose gold eyeshadow will add a touch of glamour to any look. Makeup artists would pair bare skin and bushy brows with this look to allow the eye colour of the model to stand out and be the main focus of the look. Almost every eyeshadow palette has a gorgeous gold colour in them, which means you will easily be able to create this luxurious, light look. 

Colourful Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner has always been a classic beauty look that has made its mark on the beauty industry. Eyeliner, for the most part, has always been black or blue but as makeup artists have played around with the trend Summer 2019 will bring eyeliner but with a twist. 

Makeup artists have said that colourful eyeliner is the look of Summer 2019. These artists have got the inspiration from a birds eye which has a pop of colour which drags a an inch away from the eye itself. The eyeliner is sharp, long and extends directly from the corner of the eye out to the temple on your face. 

The LCG Hair & Beauty Academy 

A career in beauty is something that many people are interested in, it provides an opportunity for people to work in a creative, diverse and ever-changing industry with masses of potential. Our academies can provide students with the direct skills needed to progress in the industry and work towards becoming a fully qualified Beauty therapist. We offer a range of courses in nail technology, makeup artistry and beauty therapy which will allow you to follow a path in the industry which will suit you and your interests. For more information on our courses please visit our website today to kick start your brand new career in beauty today! 


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