Currently working in a job that doesn’t motivate or excite you? do not worry there are a variety of other paths you can take to ensure that you end up in a job you are passionate and have a great interest in. A career in the Beauty Therapy and Beauty industry could be for you. The Beauty Industry is extremely broad allowing you to continually change your focus and open up new avenues to explore. Beauty Therapy is one avenue that has many different side roads allowing you to chop and change whilst still gaining great experience and intuitive skills. Today the Beauty Therapy industry is in a state of extreme growth with more and more people seeking therapy for any skin related issues they are experiencing. There are constant advancements in the technology and treatments that are offered to the general public resulting in there being high demand for skilled therapists. The industry also gives you the ability to work from home and be your own boss by opening your own business! This guide is here to talk you through all you need to know about the Beauty Courses we offer here in London and will answer some of the questions that we are sure you are dying to ask.

If you have any direct or personal questions that you would like to ask us about the beauty courses London service that we offer then please get in touch with a member of our expertly trained today!

What are Beauty Courses?

As mentioned above there are a variety of beauty courses available and all offer you with real-life working knowledge and exceptional, employable and practical skill set. Our Beauty Courses in London are a variety of VTCT and ITEC courses spread across level 2 and 3s. The courses that we offer require learners to attend different unit days where they will go over particular study topics allowing students to have the practical and theoretical skills needed in order to become a qualified Beauty Therapist or Nail Technician. Most courses last for around 15 weeks or more based on 2 study days a week. The courses that we offer are internally and externally assessed throughout the course and related to the assessment skills for a specific course. You can browse the different Courses that we offer by heading on over to the following provided. The courses a split between some theoretical sessions, practical sessions and practice sessions allowing learners to hone in on their skills and develop a great set of skills by the end of the course. The courses that we offer cover nails, massages and anything else you can think of. With our state of the art Beauty Academy in Chiswick we are able to offer learners a great environment to learn in practice their newly learnt skills. And the ability to study part time or full time means you can tailor this to your schedule.

Why should you study a Beauty Course in London?

Beauty therapy and beauty courses offer learners the ability to learn something seldom taught in skills and directly teaches students how to position themselves in the real world and provides learners with a set of extremely employable skills. Studying a beauty course allows you to expand your opportunities when you leave school and means that if you were to qualify as lets say a laser therapist you are not tied down to one specific sector but can change your focus allowing for versatility and is perfect for those who find themselves often become bored doing the same thing. Working in the Beauty industry allows for a lot of clients, therapist interaction and allows you to really make a difference to the mood, confidence and well being of someone; this is perfect for those who enjoy interacting with others and love to see the work they do positively effective others. Beauty Courses also provide you with the knowledge and skills that are needed to not only treat patients and clients but provide a service which ensures you are advising them on things which will be beneficial to them and make a big difference to their quality of life. The final and often main reason to decide to work in this industry is the ability to earn a good salary and one which will increase over time and provide you with options to progress in the industry.

If you want to head down to one of our open days for our Beauty Courses in London then check out our Beauty Therapy Open Day schedule by heading to the link provided.

What are the different courses we offer?

Here at LBTA we try to cater for everyone’s needs and requirements and offer a variety of Beauty Courses in London that are suitable for those interested in a variety of Beauty sectors and allows our learners a variety of choice. Below is a list of our courses, you can click through the links to head to the course page to find out all the information you want to know about theses courses.

When thinking about which course to choice it is important to think about the sector which most interests you, although there is scope to chop and change focus once you have finished it is important to make sure that you are interested and motivated in the course that you choose! Beauty courses give you the training that you need and the knowledge needed to exceed in this interest and ultimately build yourself a career in this ever growing industry.

What is the advanced Learner Loan?

The advanced learner loan is something that not many of us know about and can be great news for those looking to do a Beauty Course in London as it allows you to not have to worry about finding a lump sum of money but instead allows you to loan it and pay it back over time. Some of the key facts about the loan can be found below:

  • Repayments are based on the amount that you earn and not the amount of money that you borrow.
  • Similar to a student loan there is a threshold that starts the repayment of the loan and this figure is £21,000 so up until this time you will not have to repay the loan.
  • Interest on the loan is charged on a sliding scale basis between the RPI (Retail Price Index) and RPI + 3% dependent on how much you are earning

The advanced learner loan is available to anyone over the age of 19 and is perfect for those studying a for qualifications that are at least level 3 or above. Application for the Advanced Learner Loan is available once you have received the learning and funding information letter which will be given to your from LBTA and gives you all the course info and application information that you need.

If you want to find out more about the Advanced Learner Loan and how this can help you start your Beauty Course in London then please head on over to the link provided.

What careers can you go into?

Studying any Beauty related course sets up for a variety of different industries and jobs. Because you will have learned all the technical, practical and business knowledge during your time studying at LBTA this means there are a variety of avenues for you to explore. We will now go over the two main courses that are chosen here at LBTA and the employment possibilities that come once finished the course.

Studying towards a level 2 certification in Nail Technology allows for a variety of different sectors to work in and some that you may not have thought of some of these include:

  • Beauty and Nail Salons
  • Hotels
  • Health Clubs
  • Own Business
  • Spas

All of the above are constantly looking for new members of staff to join their team and once you have completed your Beauty Course with LBTA you will be in an extremely good employable state

The beauty therapy courses offered here at LBTA will leave our learners ready for employment as a Beauty Therapist and will allow you to have a variety of different opportunities once you have finished your course. Some of the main sectors that the qualification can lead to are:

  • Health Clubs
  • Beauty Salons
  • Cruise Liners
  • Owning your own business

If you are looking to start your own business once you have achieved your certificate and finished the course then you will be pleased to know that upon completion of the VTCT Diploma all students are able to gain Public Liability insurance.

One of the great reasons to choose LBTA is our network and connections within the sector. We have contacts with over 100 salons across the west and great London allowing you to find employment quickly after the completion of your course!

Our State of The Art Chiswick academy

Our Beauty Courses are held in our state of the art Beauty Academy in Chiswick which allows our learners to gain experience with the latest technologies and see how it is to work in a beauty salon. One of the previous students had this to say.

“Wow!!! I joined the LBTA course in October 2016 and it’s fantastic.

I love the course and the work we’re doing and the facilities and the tutors

are all fantastic.  I am really making excellent progress…”

With great transport links connecting our Chiswick academy and Borehamwood Beauty Academy to nearby tube stations, you can minimise your travel cost and get the most out of your learning experience with LBTA

We hope that this has helped answer some questions that you may have had and if you have any further questions about our Beauty Courses London service then please get in touch with a member of the LBTA team today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have

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