Starting a career in beauty has never been easier – Many people across the UK work in jobs that they do not enjoy and do not want to stay in for the foreseeable future. It is important for us to work in an industry that inspires, motivates and encourages us to push ourselves. The beauty industry in 2019 is very healthy with more and more people seeking the treatments offered by beauty salons. It is never too late to make the switch in career but often it can be a daunting switch. This post is here to explain a bit about the Beauty Courses that we offer for adults here at LBTA, the courses that are available to you and some of the flexible ways in which you can take these courses. We often find that potential learners do not realise that evening courses and flexible dates are available – this allows learners to work their current job and provide for any financial commitments they may have and also work towards their beauty course!

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Why should you consider a career in Beauty?

There are many reasons to consider a career in Beauty – Not only will you get to work in an industry that you have an active interest in but you will also be able to work towards a range of career development routes and benefit from working with a range of clients/customers. In terms of career development, upon the successful completion on one of the beauty courses at LBTA, you will most likely be ready for a beauty therapist role. The next step up from a beauty therapist is for you to work your way up to managing your own salon working alongside the senior managerial team. A common route that our learners take is to head down the self-employment route. This allows you to be your own boss and create your own client base.

A career in beauty is not for everyone but, if you see yourself as an outgoing, approachable and friendly individual then we are confident that you will enjoy a long career in the industry. The beauty of the courses offered by LBTA is that we give you an overview of all the things you will likely do. This will help you decide whether the beauty industry is for you or not.

What are the courses that we offer at LBTA?

We offer a range of courses here at LBTA – All of the courses are designed with the end learner in mind. Because of this, we are confident in the service that we offer. Dependant on the course, learners will be fully exposed to the main job description of a fully qualified beauty therapist. Some of the main courses offered here at LBTA can be found below – If you would like to check out the full range, please head on over to the link provided.

VTCT Level 2 in Beauty Therapy Studies

The main aim of our VTCT level 2 course is to provide learners with the required skills needed to perform the main tasks that a beauty therapist would carry out. Not only do we work on learners practical skills but we also work on the knowledge of the treatments so that they are able to answer any queries that they may receive from clients and customers. You can check the full information about the course by heading to the link provided.

VTCT Level 2 Certificate In Nail Technology

This course aims at providing learners with the skills needed to perform a range of nail treatments both on clients feet and hands. With the standards rising across the industry, a qualification relating to nail treatments is fast becoming a standard necessity for those seeking full-time employment. The level 2 VTCT will directly prepare you for employment as a junior nail technician.

We hope that you have taken something away from this post and if you would like to discuss how you can get the process started please do give us a call today.