Each year we have more and more interest for our Beauty and Makeup courses – It offers people the ability to study towards a career that they have an active interest and will allow the socials among us to interact with people on a daily basis. It is never too late to start a career in Beauty and Makeup, Learning Curve Group Hair & Beauty provide a whole range of courses that will help you kick-start your new career. You can head on down to one of our upcoming open days to find out more information about the various courses that we offer and also to come and check out the different beauty academies we have in both Chiswick and Borehamwood

If you have any questions about the Beauty and Makeup courses that we offer here then please get in touch with a member of our team today and we will be able to help answer any questions that you may have about the different courses and how together we can get the ball rolling for your new career.

Why should you consider a career in the Beauty and Make-Up Industry?

The beauty and makeup industry grows with each year and it is forecast that the industry will be worth £26.7bn by 2022 cementing the fact that the industry is here to stay and that there will be significant growth over the coming years. This also means that it is a very secure industry in terms of jobs, career opportunities and progression routes. By deciding to join this expanding industry you will be on the pulse with the latest beauty trends and working in an industry that you have an existing industry in and real motivation for. We spend most of our adult lives working and is important to be in an industry and job that we enjoy, failure to do so can result in an unmotivated approach to work and also at times lack of productivity. Our courses will give you all you need to know to excel in the beauty and makeup industry and it will also allow you to try the different areas available to you so that you can decide.

Below we will give you a full overview of the different courses available to you and also explain exactly what you will learn during your time on the courses.

What will you learn during a Beauty Course?

We offer two main types of beauty courses here at the Academy allowing you to decide whether you want to head into a VTCT level 2 or VTCT level 3 beauty therapy treatment course. Below there is a brief description of the two courses outlining what will be covered and supplying you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Studies

This course aims to give learners the practical and also theoretical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the beauty industry. The course itself will give learners confidence and the ability to provide a whole range of Beauty Therapy Treatments. Some of the main skills that learners will learn are a variety of different facial and skin care treatments, manicures that include the care of nails hand massages and a variety of different polish applications. In addition to this, you will learn a wide range of Salon reception tasks such as welcoming new clients, booking appointments and

If you would like to find out more about the course offered then head on over to the link provided.

VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Treatments

This course aims to further expand on the things covered during the VTCT level 2 diploma in addition to learning the vital practical and theoretical skills we will also go into a load of detail around different consultation techniques, massage techniques, electrotherapy treatments and teach learners how to advise on all of this different treatments. This course also sets up learners if they want to continue further with their studies, for instance, a level 4 or 5 diploma.

Head on over to the link above if you would like to find out a bit more information on the VTCT level 3 diploma.

What will you learn during a Make-Up Course?

As we offer a wide range of different beauty and makeup courses it is important for you to understand what exactly will be included in this and what you can expect from your course. Similar to the Beauty Treatment courses that we offer they follow the VTCT accreditation, however for the makeup courses we offer just the one which is at Level 3.

VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Make-up Artistry

This course is recognised across the country and in a variety of other places around the world – with all VTCT courses they prepare the learner for a career in the chosen industry. The makeup artistry course is a substantial vocation qualification which means all the needed skills and techniques needed to work in the industry will be covered. You will develop your knowledge of the application of fashion & photography makeup, Application of media makeup, Face and Body art and a variety of different make-up to the face.

Upon completing this course it can lead to a whole range of different career paths such as hair and makeup studio work, theatre companies, commercial photo shoots, catwalks and many other interesting and exciting areas – Click the link above to find out more information about the make up artistry courses!

Beauty Academy in Chiswick

Our academy in Chiswick has state of the art facilities great for a variety of hands-on sessions and also some theoretical training. The Academy in Chiswick is laid out like a real working salon and also spa environment which means that when learners finish their training and head into the working world they will be fully prepared.

If you want to find out more please head on over to the link provided

Beauty Academy in Borehamwood

This location launched last month and has already a great amount of interest – With up to date facilities and the latest technology this is one of the best locations for Beauty and Makeup Courses. The rooms are designed for all learning styles so that no matter how you learn you will be able to feel confident and at ease when at this academy

We hope that we have answered any questions you may have about the Beauty and Makeup Courses on offer here at Learning Curve Group Hair & Beauty – If you would like to find out more information, please get in touch with a member of the team today.

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