Let’s be honest, our feet are usually the most overlooked part of our body. They spend most of the year trapped in shoes and boots, and we tend not to give them too much thought. Until the summer. And that’s when we break out the sunglasses, break out our t-shirts and shorts, dust off our sandals and usually go… “Are my feet supposed to look like that?!”

Don’t worry. It happens to all of us.

But the good news is, feet are resilient and it doesn’t take long to make them look fabulous again. All they need is a pedicure.

In our latest blog we tell you all about what a pedicure is, what it does, what its health benefits are (there are quite a few) and why you will be very happy when you have one.
Because not only are pedicure’s the best gift you could give your feet, they are also incredibly relaxing. If you’re feeling a little bit of summer stress, you should treat yourself to a pedicure today!

So make sure you skip over to our blog and find out what you’ve been missing. You’ll find it right here