5 Ways to Annoy Your Beauty Therapist

If you’re a beauty therapist, you’ll know that there are some things our clients do that drive us bonkers. Here’s a look at those irritating habits every beauty therapist has encountered.

“Sorry, I’m late!”

Every time that a client turns up late, a beauty therapist would be able to power their salon for an afternoon using only their white, hot rage. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, but when you’re trying to run a successful beauty business, timekeeping is important. No doubt your late client will still be expecting a full service, and good luck to you if you try to downgrade their treatment to make up the minutes. Best start practising doing your best work at double speed!

“Tabitha can just sit quietly over there”

Dear clients, your children are adorable and we do understand how tough it is to find a babysitter. But for the love of God, do not bring them into our salon. For some reason, the moment a kid steps foot inside our premises they turn feral – and it ain’t pretty. We’re trying to give our customers a relaxing pampering experience and noisy children charging around and knocking into everything is killing the buzz. Give us, and yourself, a break.

“Oops, I touched something!”

What you must understand is that giving someone the perfect manicure is an art form. We’ve trained hard to be able to do deliver this incredible service and your perfect nails are our calling card. So, when you reach into your hand bag, and stick your hands into your coat pockets five seconds after we’ve completed the job, it is not cool. When we said, ‘Give it time to dry’ it wasn’t an optional instruction. You are breaking our hearts.

“I’m so sorry!”

We understand that walking into a salon is a little like walking into a church, you feel the need to confess your sins. But please, use your time wisely. Don’t speed crucial minutes apologising about the state of your legs, upper lip or bikini line – that’s why you are here! If you were pristine when you walked through our door, we’d have no job to do, and we like getting paid. Instead, tell us all about those problems at work, why your partner is doing your head in, or the hex you wish you could put on your neighbour. That’s a confession we can get behind.

“I’ll just take this…”

Switch. Off. Your. Mobile. Phone. We may just be your lowly beauty therapist, but manners cost nothing. It’s unlikely that you are waiting on a call to determine the fate of the human race so let the caller leave a message. When you interrupt your appointment to take a call, you mess up our schedule and leave us feeling like a spare part in our own treatment room. Give yourself an hour to unplug from the outside world and let us work our magic. You’ll be amazed how good a digital detox feels.

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